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It is referred to as a backlit link to a blog or permanent link or backlink link. These backlinks are worth a lot, especially if you know the terms of the terms in this area, consider the terms of the helpful link to increase our blog traffic every day. So far we have talked about the back link and we heard. Now in this article, we are going to further expand the specialized terminology of this field and take steps to increase the information related to SEO or site optimization for your search engines.

When a page adds more backlinks to other sites and pages (increasing the number), the ranking of that page will increase in search engines. Of course not all this. Because the quality of these backlinks is also important, there are some terms that you need to be aware of in order to understand more about this.

Link Juice (Link Juice)

When a page links to an article or main page of another site or blog, a bit of quality backstage ink will be transferred to the destination page. The result will be an increase in the rank of the target page’s article as well as an increase in the authority of the destination domain. This backlit ink will make a good search engine rank for articles on the Internet. As a blogger, you probably did not want to be able to transfer the essence of your blog links to other sites or blogs, in which case you should use the Nofollow attribute in your links.

Backlinks Nofollow Links

As mentioned above, when backlinked from one page to another, a backlink ink will be redirected from the home page to the destination page. To avoid this, we need to back up your bulk link to Nofollow. The nofollow term means that you are requesting a search engine crawler to not follow the link and not give it a rating from your blog.

Usually to link back to blogs and sites that are not trusted, this feature is used in backlinks. For example, there are links to the blog comments section that should be. Because anyone in the comments section can back up their own links. HTML coding for nofollowing a file should work in this way: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> To understand this code, you need to remember the basics of HTML coding that are very it’s simple.

Do-follow links

This is the exact opposite of Nofollow links. By default, any backshell you enter on your blog will be in this way, and the backsheet will move the source page link to the destination page.

Backlinks for root domains

This feature will tell you how many backlinks are given from your unique domain to your blog. Even if one domain has given thousands of backlinks, only one will count. That’s why it’s said; Beck Link from Unique Domains.

Low quality link backlinks

Backlinks to poor quality links to backlinks that come from sites that are not worth much. Including such sites, site-builder backlinks, auto-linking sites, websites, and even sex sites. Such backlinks are more harmful than useful links. This is one of the things that you should pay attention to when getting backlinks.

Backlinks Internal Links

Backlinks that link from one page to another to an Internet domain name are called backlit internal links .

Anchor Text

The text that is used when constructing and buying back links from one page to another is an anchor text. In other words, the link text in each page is the same as the anchor text. Anchor text is very important in getting backlink quality. If the anchor text is a term associated with the destination page, then the higher the ranking of the destination page.

With the definitions and explanations that are mentioned in this article and you should know about the link to the link, now your information is gradually increasing to become a professional blogger. It should not be forgotten that there is a specialized term in each thread that the users of that field should be familiar with. These terms referred to in this article are more relevant to the SEO or site optimization for search engines, and specifically to link backlinks.


What is a store and how does it work?

It almost means that there is no one who has not heard the word “store” or “online store”. Many users do not know about the nature of the e-commerce store and much of the stuff. If you have not bought a store yet, be sure to read this post.

What is the cart?

Shopping outlets like the supermarket shopping cart are like buying a Lenovo tablet

Types of Internet stores

Internet shops are divided into two general categories in terms of product type:

Digital store or digital store

They also refer to the Digital Shop or the “Download Shop” or “Virtual Product Store” shop. These types of stores only sell digital goods (virtual products or download products). Products that the user can download, such as a photo, video, software, PDF file or any other file. Digital Stores Buying a refrigerated water cooler The Stackle will work as you add the product or products you want to the basket and then return to the store after the payment and download the item you are purchasing.

Shopping methods from online stores

In general, for shopping from online stores, there are 2 methods that most stores use in both ways:

■ Payment at the place or COD

The word COD stands for <a href=”” target=”_blank”> Cash On Delivery </a>, and is the payment when the goods are delivered. Most Internet users prefer this method because of the possibility of scam with this much lesser method. You will register your order in the online store and after one or more days the item will be delivered by the courier or courier company at your home or office. You must pay the invoice when you deliver the goods. Now the staff of the post card reader and you can easily pay with your bank card.

■ If there is a physical commodity, there may be a problem that the store will not be responsible for later. Buy Cheap Appliances !

■ Unfortunately, your crooked person is overwhelming and you need to collect your senses and not buy from anywhere!

Important Security Tips on Online Stores

When shopping from an online store, you’re being watched by scammers!

Definitely someone who advertises so much can not scam easily! As I inform you, advertising in the purchase of water cooler TV station is not easy to read the newspaper and the Internet, and there must be credible evidence from the company or store you are looking for! So if a store has been advertised on television and advertised extensively on the Internet, it can not be a fraudstorer and credible. The online store that advertises on all sites has bigger goals than steal hide and seek!

■ Contact method with online store

I believe that a reliable online store should provide 3 communication methods for our customers: landline, telephone and email. If the store provides all three and answers quickly in all three, you can definitely trust it.

If an online store has all these conditions, you can buy it safely.