Optimizing Your Article for Greater Results

Optimizing Your Article for Greater Results
In today’s business world online marketing is crucial to creating new business opportunities and keeping customers in your pipeline. As we know, there are many ways to market but it is said that well written articles are a dynamic and effective way to connect with your target audience. Anyone can write an article but being able to see a return on your time, energy, money and creativity invested is priceless. Below we explore a few simple ways to optimize your articles.
Here are 8 key points to Optimizing your Articles the right way
• Creation • Formatting • Content • Keywords • Tags • Anchor Text • Byline • Editing
Creation: Brainstorm ideas that you would like to write about along with supporting information. Ask yourself why is this important? Who would be reading this? Is there a demand for this material? Write everything that you think will be relevant to your reader.
Formatting: Your article should have:
• A clear title that is catchy and interesting • A beginning, which introduces your story • A middle that flows effortlessly from your beginning elaborating on your main points; and • An end, one that ties everything together seamlessly
Content: Content is King so focus on only using the most necessary information that will educate and entertain your reader. Do not over-share and be mindful of the word count. Being concise and straight to the point allows your readers a speedier and more fulfilling experience.
Tags: A tag classifies your article. If you are consistent with the tags you use then search engines will categorize them as such. It is recommended to have at least one consistent tag each time. Example: (1) Article Tag #1: Business (2) Article Tag #2: Business, Trade, Marketing, Articles. Business is the constant tag being used.
Anchor Text: Anchor texts are said to hold the highest ranking with search engines. By hyperlinking select words to a related page, you are adding more value to your writing and therefore creating an anchor text.
Byline: Include a well-written Author’s Byline. This is a great marketing strategy that will not only give you credit for your work but also bring in new leads for your business and create a resource box for those wanting more information.
Editing: Give yourself a polished and professional look by proof reading and editing your writing prior to publishing. This shows your audience that you took the time to provide quality work.
It’s not about how many business articles you publish, but more so about the quality of the content and relevancy to your reader. By writing with the above guidelines in mind you will be optimizing your article the right way and see better results in your search engine ranking.