Fairy is a girl who has sex with boys

A fairy girl who was sexually abusive from childhood could not tell her parents because she was afraid of this, and at least her sex was normal. Fairies daughter that the old Narcotics Sexual unknown to me, is introduced. She is a 35 year old woman

He has lived a hard and uplifting life. He has been bullied for his childhood, causing sexual abuse as a teenager and youth . I meet with Fairy to conduct an interview, and she starts talking about all the things she got together to reach out to him.

Fairy: In my childhood, I was repeatedly harassed by my close relatives until this behavior became addictive to me.

How much do you say?

I’m fairy, I’m 35 years old. I’m single and live with my parents. I was financially born in a poor family , but with every difficulty I was studying until the baccalaureate. There were a lot of tensions in our home, because our poverty was not just financial and our family was not very well-positioned in terms of culture, and this caused a lot of tensions.

The same cultural weakness of the family has caused me not to have a family of my senses, and I unfortunately, during childhood, have been repeatedly harassed by my close relatives, but because of the fear and that I was not aware of these issues, I did not tell anyone and hid it. . Although my age was low, I knew if I would tell the story to my family

Someone did not do the right thing, and I would be more isolated. So, to escape these frightening and horrendous conditions, I tried to study more and I was addicted to these loneliness that I became sexually addicted to, whenever I was unemployed, I was alone and did not feel well whenever I could not understand the family’s conditions and the realities of life I would accept that.

This process continued to high school and university and I was accustomed to it. For a long time, I did not even know that doing it was a sin.

When did you see the damage done?

When I realized that what I was doing was a great sin and many physical and emotional impacts, I noticed these injuries, yet I could not ignore it. Every time I did it and I would repent again. In this situation, the face that surrounded my friends, family, and people from me was very different from the one that I knew from myself, and this increased my charm.

What did you do to eliminate this doom?

Everything I got from my hand. In those circumstances, I thought that I had to seek marriage to put aside this, so I met with a close relative and I had a relationship with him at the university. After having been affiliated with my relationship, I offered her a marriage . Reject my suggestion

But I urged me to repeat the marriage until I realized I have a problem that I have to fix. The problem that made me hell was life.

How did your treatment progress?

To treat a disorder that I was referring to an adviser, the doctor’s diagnosis was that I did not have confidence. I considered 15 psychoanalytic sessions, but I did not want to do this, and I studied more than ever before. I was exercising, I was taking special diets, I turned vegetarian, worked hard.

And in this way, when I was able to go to it, I took myself, but the very thing that remained for me was aggression and the problems that I could not do to resolve them.

How did you get to the Association of Anxiety Addicts?

One of our acquaintances participated in the meetings of the Association of Families of Anonymous Addicts and also asked me to go there to get a little relaxed. I got into the meeting, I liked the space very much. I was really happy for an hour and a half where I was meeting. At the same meeting, I received a publication and read about the Society of Sexual Addicts for the first time ,

I was very interested in going to these meetings. I asked the woman who was in the meeting what the story of the forum was and he also guided me.

Have you been addicted to drugs?

I was not addicted to any particular substance, and I was not addicted to the only thing I was addicted to and I could not leave it without sex .

What helped you?

I only managed to treat my addiction with the help of the Lord and the community program, and, according to the famous proverb, I turned it off. But we still have not forgotten that I am a sex addict , I am always with my review. Thank God, my illness is not active, and by working and getting help from a guide that is like a sex addict myself.

And I have a good experience. I was able to leave my addiction. In addition to all of these, I said that by attending meetings and, of course, with the grace, guidance and assistance of God, I was able to stop my sexual and unhealthy relationships . In fact, I found the root of my sex addiction in the community and I’m drying its roots.

The most bitter memory you have of your addiction?

The bitter experience of addiction was the same as the growth and progression of the disease. No matter how emotions, emotions, personality , and my permanent position, I fell into this jubilant, and I had no fear of even getting stuck. Like someone whose mind was shut, I just walked forward and waited with closed eyes. This addiction took a lot of time from me

In addition to seeing all sorts of disrespect and insults, I tolerated bad behaviors and no-one’s affection, especially about the person I was affiliated with. I was constantly tricking myself that the other side loves me and loves me so I just listened to his words and I’m afraid of being disgraced

Or I did not find my family. But after I started to leave, I became aware of the mistakes and dangers that I had in my mind and I realized that I was losing my wits and soul for the duration that I was involved with.

Did you think you could solve this problem and leave behind your addiction?

I always felt that someone who was victorious against this addiction had a great soul and I always regretted such people because I could not go back every time I wanted to leave my addiction. I never thought that I could find an easy, convenient and free way; I thought I should look for expensive and complicated ways.

What advice do you have for those who suffer from this addiction?

I’m suggesting to friends who are still caught up with this problem is to stop their tricks every now and then, because whatever they progress, they finally reach the point that it’s a mystery, the emotional attachments that are created in these unhealthy relationships . It is like a poison, even if these relationships end in marriage

Again, it will not be based on trust and love. If, like mine, you are incapacitated for such sexual behavior and relationships and feel that you need help, join our community and taste the taste of liberation.

What is your abstinence now?

Since the day I left my addiction, it’s been 4 years. I spend these relaxing days with my family and I accept them. I never thought that such a relationship would emerge between me and my family.