Online Coaching Business: Creative Ways to Drive Qualified Prospects to Your Blog and Website

Online Coaching Business: Creative Ways to Drive Qualified Prospects to Your Blog and Website
Some things that can do wonders to your web traffic:
Make good friends on related forums. You want people on related forums to like you. Why? It’s because they’re potential clients. If they’re interested on those topics that are related to your coaching programs, they’re more likely to benefit from what you offer. So, be friendly on forums. Always greet everybody each time you log in and welcome newbies. Be accommodating and be willing to share your in-depth knowledge. It’s the fastest way to get these people to notice you. Whenever applicable, give them a link of your website where they can get more information on those topics that they’re talking about. Ensure that you do this in a very subtle manner. Forum administrators are very strict when it comes to web promotion. If that’s not allowed, just insert your site’s URL on your signature.
Update your blog. Make it a habit to post something on your blog every single day. Write about the latest issues in your niche, address common questions, offer how-to guides, do case studies, or share amazing techniques. Then, engage your readers. Give them quizzes, get them to download your ebooks and newsletters, get them to react on your posts, and ensure that you answer back. That could be the start of a fruitful conversation that can lead to building relationship with them.
Participate in Linkedln and Yahoo!answers. The good thing about doing this is that you can showcase your expertise by simply answering questions related to your niche. Do this as often as possible until such time that people online will recognize you as somebody who’s got all the best answer to their questions.
Offline advertising. Whenever applicable, put your site’s URL in all your offline literature. From letterhead to business cards to adverts and pamphlets. You can even create stickers for your car. This sounds like small stuff in the world of advertising but I can guarantee you that you’ll be surprised with the results that it can give you.
Ping search engines and aggregators each time you update your blog. Online users are always looking for something new. If you’re offering exactly that, let them know by simply pinging aggregators and search engines about the updates that you’re doing on your blog. If you do this right and if you do it on time, you should expect more traffic for your website.
Make your website visually appealing and one-of-a-kind. A friend of mine told me weeks ago that he was surprised to see sudden spike of traffic to his website. The source? From reputable css design portal that was impressed with his web design. So, be very creative and put in more time when designing your website so you’ll get the same attention.
Simplify. You don’t need to make your posts or your articles overly complicated. In fact, communicating your ideas using layman terms can do you good. People who are clueless but interested in your niche will find your content and your blog posts attractive and extremely useful. That’s what you need to secure decent ranking on top search engines.